Featured in STYLE magazine

By Paige Van Lunteren | 16th June 2021

Do you know whether the beauty products you love to use are cruelty-free?

Though it’s easy to pick up the free-range eggs at the store, it’s often harder to find information in our skincare and makeup products, and sadly, the reality is that many of our cult faves are still being tested on animals.

If you're like us and love your beauty products, but love your furry friends even more, you'll be pleased to know we've put together a very comprehensive list of cruelty-free beauty brands, which won't have you compromising on quality.

Each of these brands sport a ‘leaping bunny’ logo on their packaging and have been investigated down every step of their supply chain. Even better, they’re made right here in Australia. Now, you simply have no excuse not to choose cruelty-free makeup, hair products, and skincare!