This too, shall pass

With all the uncertainty and craziness that surrounds us right now in the world, it is paramount that our relationships take precedent. The relationship with ourselves and others. If you are undertaking voluntary isolation, working from home, home schooling your children, now more than ever is the opportunity for self evaluation and reflection. Our children will remember this time. This time when the world as they knew it, turned upside down and all that was once familiar, is now ambiguous and vague. As parents, we must remain calm, for their sake. Our children will remember this time as being some of the best memories they treasure or a mere time of panic and anxiety. Here is where self care comes in. If you are at home with children, routine does not have to be thrown out the window. Plan your days and activities. Take time to go outside, even if it is just for a short walk. Explore. Pay attention to the minor details, take this opportunity to have conversations with your little ones. We are often so caught up in getting s#@! done that we forget to be present. But don’t forget about you, either. Alternate with your partner in putting the kids to bed, and use that down time for some self care. Run a bath, read a chapter of a book, bake, paint, declutter your wardrobe. Whatever it is, take time for YOU. We have been given this time, yes, not willingly, but use it to your advantage in the best way YOU can. We will get through this. This too, shall pass. So for now, be kind to themselves and others.