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Lavender & Wheat heat pack – Large - Bee One of a Kind AU
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Lavender & Wheat heat pack – Large

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Bee one of a kind’s wheat heat pack is a natural and soothing remedy that can help a number of ailments, whilst the gentle scent of organic lavender is soothing and calming. This wheat pack is the definition of pure bliss during these colder months and makes the perfect accompaniment to an after treatment to a hot bath soak as you jump into bed!

Handmade in Melbourne, this heat pack is made with Australian sourced 100% natural cotton and linen and filled with organic dried lavender and wheat.

Available in blush pink only.

Perfect for:
•Relieving neck and shoulder tension

•Soothing back pain

•Soothing muscular aches and stiff joints

•Ease arthritis pain

•Headaches & migraine

•Relax tired eyes

•Cool a fever

•Reduce swelling

•Treat sports injuries

•Warm up cold and aching feet

•Ease menstrual cramps

•Ease anxiety symptoms.

Instructions: Warm in the microwave initially for 30 seconds ONLY. Proceed to heat at 30 seconds increments if you feel the temperature could be warmer. Do not exceed 2 minutes in total. It is recommended to place a glass or small container of water in the microwave with your wheat bag to help keep it moist and prevent the wheat grains drying, which will reduce the risk of charring. This will also prolong the life of your heat pack.
For a cooling effect, place in the freezer in a ziplock plastic bag for a few minutes. Avoid getting wet.

WARNING: Keep instructions with your pack – read before every use. Not recommended for people who may have reduced awareness of temperature or feeling in their skin, e.g. diabetics, people with nerve damage. It is important to carefully follow these instructions as overheating or inappropriate use may result in injury or fire. Do not heat in a gas or electric oven. Not recommended for young children without adult supervision. Never leave microwave unattended while heating. Ensure that you use a microwave with a turntable that is working properly, so the wheat bag rotates freely to ensure even temperature distribution.
You must place the wheat pack in the center of the turntable plate & must not touch the sides or be able to fall over. Do not wash. Use an alcohol wipe to clean stains only.

Size: appx 30cm x 15cm
1kg appx

Please note: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Handmade in Melbourne
  • 100% natural remedy
  • Vegan friendly
  • Locally sourced materials & ingredients

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