Growing up in a European/Middle Eastern family, I learnt very quickly, that if you needed something, you either grew it or made it yourself. As a young child, I spent much time with my Italian grandparents, learning the traditional ways of cultivating and harvesting for the seasons ahead. We would spend months preparing foods for the family to enjoy. A particular fond memory I have is watching in awe as my Nonna would strive away at making her own soap. Her multi-purpose recipe was used to clean everything from the laundry, the dishes and we would even bathe in it. At the time, I didn’t appreciate the elbow grease involved and how something so simple, was made with great love and care. My Nonna was a Queen Bee in her own right.  She made it her priority to care and provide for her family, the best way she could, with what she had. She believed her wellbeing was influenced by the wellness of her family and vice versa.

Inspired and motivated by the birth of my daughter Luna, in 2015, I was determined to share my journey and personal experience of Motherhood. My own health had deteriorated and I honestly became depleted in every which way; mentally, emotionally and physically. I was desperate to reclaim myself, somehow. As much as I embraced my new role as a mother, I was longing to understand my now who and why.

I went on to undertake a course in Natural Therapies and it was then, that I discovered a passion like no other. A way to not only rediscover and self-develop, but a pathway that led me to help others.

My mission was to create the opportunity and inspiration for like-minded women to nourish and nurture their inner Queen Bee. To create and provide a unique range of bath and body care products, that encourage moments of calm amongst the chaos and to honour our irreplaceable existence.

Nourish and Nurture your inner Queen Bee, naturally.

Melissa Mendes- Founder/Queen Bee